Wednesday, 21 November 2012


October 2012. If we lose our trees then we lose our bird populations; they cannot live on the ground. If so then insects have a free run. If only a tiny percentage of them start to carry blood borne pathogens into humans by bites etc, as they are increasingly doing to animals, then we also lose our smirk and grin. Such diseases have the possibility to harm us like no terrorist bomb ever could. Life on earth suits insects best and they seem destined to win the bio-struggle. This too has long been predicted. Many "simple" indigenous people, adored insects as being divine. Many modern scientists predicated this too, but they were silenced by industry and political correctness; constant relentless growth; either economic or among human populations was considered divine instead. But in about 20 years if the older warnings become reality; we will have to change. The ground work has already been done and the results just takes time. Then will we see the reality? Without us; without the swarms of unthinking destructive people, Gaia will slowly recover and she will work well with the smaller many legged things. Man is the pest!

I received this from English Forestry yesterday:
“The disease cannot spread at the moment. The scientific expert group concluded last week that it spreads either from spores on the leaves travelling on the wind, which only occurs over the summer, or through infected stock.” The latest information is available on the Forestry Commission website at:

And then there’s this; the root cause of all ills; reckless human population growth!.

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