Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Free Ash Trade

Free Ash Trade.

The Irish Forestry Services:
have three press releases on view on their site regarding Ash Die Back.
Another one on the 02 November 2012.

Read them. They are written in the language of free trade and they use words like
“to minimize, to help reduce risk, a proportionate response” etc.
In these press releases Minister of State with responsibility for forestry, at the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine, Shane McEntee TD clearly states that
“The scientific advice is that the movement of ash timber is a possible pathway of infection” and “While I understand plants are the highest risk in terms of a pathway for the disease, wood is also a risk etc, etc. 
Yet he does not ban the importation of Ash wood or even consider it; even as a  temporary measure. He is quite prepared to run the risk of the appalling spread of this disease for the benefit of the tiny few who gain from such a trade in timber.
Here again is the good of the few being placed above the good of the many, here is an elected politician endangering the common good, that he was elected and promised to protect.
There are also no photos, no advice no information on this disease on this site despite claims to the contrary. Unlike in England, where it has been declared a national emergency it seem not to matter one whit here.

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